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Her creative writing needs to flow easily and quickly or she will lose the impetus of the moment.

Any time she stops to think about how to script something, that delicate conversation in her head will get broken.

First are topics many adults can't handle without flipping out (politics, religion, abortion, gun control, sex).

Second are topics the child will have no interest or experience with (e.g., credit cards, alternative medicine, altruism).

For: UC Berkeley's Center for New Media Chat Script Hackathon Oct./2013 My wife Sue and I craft chatbots at our company, Brillig Understanding.

Since you are about to write bots for the first time, we thought we'd share some of our views on it with you.

So Chat Script is really all about determining what a user says in natural language and making an appropriate response. This affects how much your bot can say at once and how much access to knowledge it has.

Even a chatbot that pretends to be a patient to help train doctors on diagnostic interviews. Chat Script has planning capability, and could be used to allow a robot to carry out plans it synthesizes in response to verbal instruction.

We have also used Chat Script to determine the intent of an Amazon product search and either better reorder search results from Amazon or to perform a more successful replacement search if Amazon's search breaks down. Is it in the cloud or on a mobile device or the user's desktop?

So she writes out a gambit, puts down a sample sentence or word along with what to say as a rejoinder.

She might write this: and leaves it to me to convert flying into a proper rejoinder with all the possible related keywords like airplanes, flying, flight, wings, etc.

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Third are topics that might be scary (death, disease, crime, disaster, aliens, spying ) And fourth are topics some parents won't want you to discuss (anything remotely connected with “bad” behavior including sex, drinking, smoking, coffee, swearing, stealing, lying, laws, Grand Theft Auto) .

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